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  • Samuel June Lee

Reach the World with an ePortfolio!

Upon enrolling into Nonverbal Communications 314 course at Old Dominion University, we as students have been tasked to create an ePortfolio for networking and professional purposes using Wix as our website building platform. With previous experience in creating a website through Shopify for my business, my first time using Wix was pleasant and straightforward. Their backend is very user friendly with easy to use drag and drop features that makes website building a breeze for those with little to no knowledge in coding. I began creating my website using one of the many free templates created by Andy Decker. This template possesses a minimalist ambiance that allows any user to navigate easily through the website without confusion and clutter. I feel that this Layout was most appropriate for my artist/designer portfolio thats fits my personality as well. The only difficult part I found during this creation phase was in resizing the navigation menu fonts. It seems to be dictated by the template style that you choose, nevertheless it was a minor detail I was able to overlook.

Ultimately my goals for this ePortfolio is to showcase my artworks and to reveal my goals and aspirations in hopes to inspire prospective artists and to anyone who may have gauged an interest and simply wants to learn more! A picture is worth a thousand words, I believe through visuals and creativity, we can reveal how we truly feel hidden deep inside while also tacking current issues we face as a society. Creating an ePortfolio in respect can help me push this narrative by displaying my works of art in hopes to captivate viewers and to instill deeper meanings. Thankfully, with the ability to reach virtually everyone through my ePortfolio/website I feel confident and look forward in creating connections with other professionals, artists as well as potential clients!

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